My mom always said look in the mirror before you go out. And at least if we’re talking about my Mom, it wasn’t about vanity, it was about making sure – damn sure – you didn’t appear foolish to the world.

So let’s say “Mom” is the owner of your business. “Check yourself” means make sure nothing goes out the door unless it’s perfect, right?

Now let’s say that YOU are the owner, and your life and livelihood depends on how your stuff appears to the world. Depends on it…

Then you’d better check closely. Every piece of collateral. Every blog post. Every word. Every time.

Or else, this could be you

~ Christopher Smith

PS: coincidentally, the topic of typos was recently covered in a NY Times blog, which “spells out” the impacts in dollars (“Spelling mistakes ‘cost millions’ in lost online sales,” says BBC headline) and in search results (“…search engines look for strings of characters in sequence, and if your site has misspellings, Google is less likely to list it at the top of search results.”)