Years ago, while I was the #1 outside writer for Nike Brand Design, I was talking to a good friend who told me of a shift in their marketing strategy. He said they’d launched nearly their entire World Cup Soccer commercial campaign (Joga Bonito) via YouTube. Not commercial TV. YouTube.

Sounds commonplace today, but it was seismic at the time. “With TV, we can estimate how many people might have seen our commercial. Might have seen it peripherally or might have been in the bathroom when it ran in the living room. With YouTube, within an hour, we know definitively how many people actually clicked on the ad. We know how many times it was forwarded to a friend. And we know exactly who they are.”

Nike Plus products

Seems that conversation was the tip of the iceberg that has become Nike Digital Sport, and it’s fundamentally changing the way marketing is being done.


Considering Nike leads its nearest competitor (Adidas) by 30%….

~ Christopher Smith