Mobility Chic has been working hard to develop a host of new products for people with mobility challenges.

So first, for those of us who are ambulatory, what does “mobility challenge” mean?

  • An parent or grandparent who uses a walker or wheelchair to get around
  • A breast cancer patient who drives or rides and the seat belt hurts
  • Anyone in a wheelchair who wants to personalize his or her ride

After a great deal of product testing, Mobility Chic has just launched the ChicBelt – first designed for mastectomy patients. It fits easily on the chest-harness of the seat belt. For now, it comes in 2 colors that have tested very well – pink or green, but I bet if you asked, you could get another fabric.

Coolest part of this story: it was designed for women, by women, to solve an all-too-common problem.

~ Christopher Smith