Went Downtown on Friday night for what could have been the biggest dork-fest in history- except it wasn’t. In fact, it turned out to be a remarkable experience – which showed (again) me what I’m just dumb enough to re-learn dozens of times over the years: life is what you make it. And better, you can find happiness anywhere, even joy.

The hook: “Bollywood Dancing at the Music Center – all invited.”

My Dork meter was pegged, but my friend Sam insisted, so I bit. With a little smirk. You know the one.

Smack in between the Les Miserables banners and the 50′ tall Placido Domingo face stood a stage above about 100 people who were dancing within a velvet rope rectangle. On stage, theĀ  Bollywood Dance instructor, shaking it. Even from 100 yards, her back-of-the-house smile draws you in. Before her (and her DJ), people of absolutely every description imaginable flinging their hands, stepping the steps, and having a good time.

A really good time. You can feel it when it’s genuine. Dork Alert back down to green, and now I’m enchanted.

After a half-hour break (with a tango lesson thrown in), the little Bollywood area became a world dance club with this incredible Indian-hip-hop mix (DJ was hot). Bollywood Instructor was freestyling around the space, spreading happy dust.

So here’s THE STORY: this young Asian hip hop guy, shorts and black T shirt, finds a space near her, and starts stalking her – dance style – enticing her to dance with him.

Picture this: she’s all Bollywood with flying arms and head tilts. She’s twice his age, opposite in gender and dancing style, and born half a world away.

He’s got this really laid back hip-hop groove, smooth and beguiling, moving at about half-time to her flicka-flicka Bollywood thing. He’s not a handsome kid, buzz cut, glasses – I’m thinking “how’s this going to work?”

In a few beats, she spots him, and they start around in a circle, completely in their own styles, but communicating with each other through their dance.

Within a measure of music they’re only dancing with each other, sharing, challenging each other, building on each other’s moves as they go round. The whole place snaps into focus on them. Cameras flash.

It lasts about 2 minutes.

And then they drift apart with a nod. They’re completely happy.

A wonderful and meaningful communication, without a word.

I’m ending this little dance with a question: What’s your story? You need to tell it to bring people into your world – for businesss, for relationships, for whatever you need.

Are you communicating your story?

Is it so clear and powerful that you could do it without words?

~ Christopher Smith