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Mobility Chic has been working hard to develop a host of new products for people with mobility challenges.

So first, for those of us who are ambulatory, what does “mobility challenge” mean?

  • An parent or grandparent who uses a walker or wheelchair to get around
  • A breast cancer patient who drives or rides and the seat belt hurts
  • Anyone in a wheelchair who wants to personalize his or her ride

After a great deal of product testing, Mobility Chic has just launched the ChicBelt – first designed for mastectomy patients. It fits easily on the chest-harness of the seat belt. For now, it comes in 2 colors that have tested very well – pink or green, but I bet if you asked, you could get another fabric.

Coolest part of this story: it was designed for women, by women, to solve an all-too-common problem.

~ Christopher Smith


Here’s a little release on a real game-changer client. Her story is fascinating!

Mobility Chic!, a fashionable innovator in accessory and mobility products for elderly, disabled, wounded veterans and recovering surgery patients, launched today at Medtrade tradeshow in Atlanta, Georgia. The Mobility Chic! product line includes gorgeous and easy to use Wheelchair Wraps, Lumbar Pillows, Dignity Bags, Caregiver Totes, Shrug blankets, multi-function Purses on the Go, SoftBelt seatbelt cushions, and Lanyards to keep keys and small items handy. While fashion-forward and fun, the colors and design of each product has been specifically created to brighten every owner’s mood and promote well-being.

Limited mobility should never dictate a change in personal style,” says Ginger Smith, founder of Mobility Chic! “I created this line of chic products for all people with mobility challenges –from wounded veterans, older adults, disabled children, to patients recovering from breast cancer surgery –that are stylish and reflects the quality of life they deserve.”

Ginger’s experience has prepared her for the role of innovator. “I have spent hundreds of hours with patients, families, and caregivers. I realized there was a huge gap in the market for what mobility challenged people need day-to-day, to make life easier, without sacrificing style. I created Mobility Chic! to provide them with beautiful accessories that fulfill specific functions.

About Mobility Chic!

Mobility Chic! is changing the face of mobility aids by providing elderly, disabled and mobility-challenged people with products designed with form and function, passion and purpose, color and creativity. We select specific colors and designs that have been researched and tested to ensure they have the capacity to evoke positive feelings.  Mobility Chic goes beyond the sale of products to truly touch people’s lives.