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More on the game-changers at Nike Digital Sport: The Nike Plus platform is another example of how Nike Digital Sport is changing the game of relating to its customers.

R/GA is the agency. Wow~

You have to have some major firepower to pull off concepts this big – – but it’s a doable strategy on a smaller scale, too.

Platform + Strategy. Just Do It.

~ Christopher Smith


Years ago, while I was the #1 outside writer for Nike Brand Design, I was talking to a good friend who told me of a shift in their marketing strategy. He said they’d launched nearly their entire World Cup Soccer commercial campaign (Joga Bonito) via YouTube. Not commercial TV. YouTube.

Sounds commonplace today, but it was seismic at the time. “With TV, we can estimate how many people might have seen our commercial. Might have seen it peripherally or might have been in the bathroom when it ran in the living room. With YouTube, within an hour, we know definitively how many people actually clicked on the ad. We know how many times it was forwarded to a friend. And we know exactly who they are.”

Nike Plus products

Seems that conversation was the tip of the iceberg that has become Nike Digital Sport, and it’s fundamentally changing the way marketing is being done.


Considering Nike leads its nearest competitor (Adidas) by 30%….

~ Christopher Smith

Yvon Chouinard didn’t like the quality of the climbing hardware he had to use, so he started making his own – which eventually led to one of the most innovative clothing companies in the world, Patagonia. Steve Jobs didn’t like the beige boxes available in personal computing (or BASIC), so he and Steve Wozniak designed their own computers and operating system – and founded the world’s most valuable company, Apple. Bill Bowerman wanted a lighter, more grippy sole for running shoes, and so he poured rubber in his wife’s waffle iron to make the first Blue Ribbon Sports running shoes, which became Nike. Ginger Smith was driving elderly people to their medical appointments (because there wasn’t a service that did this in Nashville until she started one), and noticed that all wheelchairs look the same – so she formed Ann Sloane to design wheelchair covers that could be personalized, as well as handbags for walkers, which make these elderly people happy. Now she’s making them for Veterans, cancer patients and wheelchair athletes, too.

The Founder’s Legend can be one of the most powerful assets you have to differentiate yourself and your company from the rest. The Legend shows your knowledge of an industry or product, your insight into what could make it better, and your drive to share that knowledge with the world.

In my humble opinion, ALL businesses need a Founders Legend. What’s yours?


~ Christopher Smith