Following the Long and Winding Road through Twitterland recently, and I happened on the page of a Registered Nurse for Seniors, who had posted “Where and When Your Keywords Really Matter for Content Marketing and SEO”.

(If you were an RN for Seniors, you’d post links to SEO sites, too. You know you would – consider the alternatives.)

…and discovered herein another reason why a skilled and precise copywriter can be your greatest marketing asset these days: Search Engine Optimization is all about keywords. Or put another way, keyWORDS. ‘Nuff said.

For example (quoting the article):

2. Description meta tags

Despite a very common misconception, description meta tags do not actually impact rankings anymore. Meta descriptions are what search engines typically (but not always) display in your page’s search results snippet under the title tag, which you can see in the screen shot below.  But just because they don’t impact rankings,  it doesn’t mean they’re not important.

Your description meta tag is essentially your 160-character pitch to entice a web searcher to click on your page instead of the results above or below it in a search. Using keywords in your meta description can be a smart move because it can make your page look more attractive to click on in a search. The key is to be completely natural and convey precisely what searchers can expect to find if they click on your page.”

(Bolded text mine, to emphasize the point).

So, not only is the copywriter key in communicating with your audience directly, he or she is also key in bringing your audience to your (virtual) door.

~ Christopher Smith