Hollywood has long taken liberties in movie-izing books. Few take umbrage any more – why would they? Film is, after all, a quite different medium than text and cannot portray “word-for-word” the author’s original ideas. Cannot and therefore should not be expected to.

But there’s movie0making and then there’s movie-promoting. And here’s where Disney has screwed the pooch on The Lorax: (I have not seen the movie btw) – – in its effort to secure corporate sponsorship to make additional money / defray costs, Disney has obliterated the book’s original intent by co-opting sponsors such as Mazda of which the author would clearly disapprove.

It’s a classic case of greenwashing, and in this case – maybe an emotional connection to the author and this beloved story, and the children who will see the film and experience this dark-side of marketing – I feel it’s callow and obscene.

There’s no way in hell that Suess would have allowed Mazda as a sponsor of this story. It’s ridiculous.

I think this post sums up the conundrum, and the storytelling lesson, quite well.

~ Christopher Smith