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Cool visual here showing the increase in Twitter traffic after earthquake

~ Christopher Smith


A few weeks ago I learned I had double the number of people and companies following me on Twitter, and vowed to double it again over the weekend.

Bold promise.

In actuality, small numbers here, but the concept was valid. Grow the channel.

Now we are 3 weeks later – not 1 – but the report is good: I have tripled that earlier number, not doubled.

I will keep working on this and will keep reporting the progress. As for what’s working, you can certainly hire me to tell you 🙂

~Christopher Smith

Today, I have twice as many followers on my Twitter account as I had yesterday. Yesterday, I doubled the number from the previous day.

I’ve been hitting Twitter pretty hard, but not nearly as hard as some. And I don’t have all the auto-posting tools in place that some have. But soon…

I’m following a few more people and organizations than I’d like, and will probably cull that list over the weekend. Especially the ones (like Mashable) that Tweet like they’re on meth – is that called Twitterhea yet?

During that same weekend’s span, I will try to double my followers again.

It’s clearly an unsustainable pace, but it’s interesting to watch who comes in, and which of my new followers seem to be ‘on the same page’ as I am.