From deep in the annals of movie history, the answer to life’s big question resonates.

I believe that when they do the Graduate again (wanna bet it’s already in development?), The New Answer will be “Video.”

And we will experience those same knowing laughs, as the various meanings of The New Answer trickle down from our marketing brains to our nether regions.

Meantime, lots of savvy folks are building their brands using video. As you’d expect, Coke, Mastercard, U2 and Nike blow up the market with video.

But what if you’re small (but have big aspirations?) Can you afford video?

Can’t afford not to.

Some are doing brilliant, edge stuff with websites:

Some are showcasing their abilities through incredible animation work (a little off-topic, but I loved this little film).

Even the music video still has life – check out OK Go’s latest with Pilobilus (you will need Google Chrome to access this video properly)

One of the most charming and smart videos I’ve seen was done by an attorney friend of mine, who’s taking a genius Tosh.0 spin on the ho-hum topic of the law.

Is the law boring? Hardly!

… And so your brand – personal brand, company (and our ‘creative portfolios’) should include video.

Which reminds me to update my website

~Christopher Smith